Carouge Bachet is a follow-up assignment after winning the Europan competition in Geneva. It’s a study into the densification of the Bachet district and the creation of the optimal route to a new underground train station – designed by Jean Nouvel – for the future railway line Geneva-Annemasse (FR). Over the course of several years, a green urban district will arise here with approximately 400 homes and various urban facilities. Based on the current private owner’s plot division, the plan proposes a series of compact blocks that vary largely in terms of dimensions and typologies. A P+R facility with shops has been designed along the edge of the station square. This building volume rising from the slope forms a sound barrier between the neighbourhood and the busy traffic junction. Facing the square, this will manifest itself as a glass wall, while towards the new quarter this will become a grassy slope.

Project data

Urban densification study
Carouge Bachet, Genève, Switserland

Study commission

Collaboration with Berry Beuving

400 dwellings, horeca, commercial space, public parking facilities

Gross floor area
45.780 m2

Rodrigo Pareja

Canton de Genève

Tim Stet (model)