For lot 2E on the Amsterdam Zuidas we have developed a concept based on rational expressiveness. With the architecture we mediate between the classical monumentality of Berlage's Plan Zuid and the rational modernity of Van Eesteren's AUP. The building forms the final part of a U-shaped perimeter block and connects to a collective courtyard. We create a stepped volume with a sculptural double-height plinth, cantilevered all around, of two floors with arched openings in polished concrete. The size of the openings varies and subtly reflects the underlying function: wide openings for the cafe restaurant and main entrance, narrower openings for the houses on ground level on the courtyard and secondary bicycle entrance.

The plinth supports the higher floors, which are made up of a wooden construction with protruding balconies on three sides, with terraced setbacks on the north side. The wooden facades contains opening windows and doors in a strict rhythm, which provide access to the outdoor areas. The building is provided with an ultra-fine metal frame with horizontal bands of bronze-coloured solar panels. These glow beautifully from dark bronze to golden in the sunlight. By detailing all the solar panels in the facade, the entire roof and terraces have been made available for nature, ecology and water buffering. The result is a discrete sculpture that can match the exuberance of the neighbouring volumes in terms of expression. An elegant final chord for lot 2.

Project data

Zuidas 2E
Gustav Mahlerlaan, Amsterdam


26 appartementen & horeca

Gross floor area
3.432 m2

Project team  
Marcel Lok, Jesse Stortelder, Amber van den Heuvel

Landscape architect
Studio Blad


Structural engineer
De Ingenieursgroep

Building physics advisor
Fore Installatieadviseurs

Amber van den Heuvel

Raimond Wouda, Tim Stet (model)