Marcel Lok_Architect (ML_A) is a multidisciplinary architecture office, founded by Marcel Lok in 2008 after winning the Europan 9 competition in Geneva. Based on Amsterdam's KNSM-island a small team works on projects, study assignments and competitions in the area of architecture, urban design and interior design – for both private individuals and professional clients. The office aspires to be involved in the entire creation process, from concept to all the detailing required for implementation. ML_A believes in the added value of such an intensive approach since it works to produce designs that highlight the layered conditions and history of a particular location. We see architecture as an opportunity to actively dive in and critically view and relate to the relationships between the old and the new, the historical and the contemporary.

ML_A considers good design to be more than just a spatial answer to a programmatic question. Each design must add something to the city, not only in terms of the existing environment but also in stimulating other factors, such as social interaction. This approach has led to a multidimensional style that’s layered, selective and clearly interpretive. Our convictions and ambitions around the power of limited production also explain other characteristics often attributed to ML_A, such as the pursuit of refined and high-quality detailing and well-formulated floor plans.

ML_A prefers to work consecutively and not simultaneously on projects, so that care and precision are guaranteed. The attention and exactness of each delivered project is thus emphasized. It’s an approach that founder Marcel Lok also translates to the built environment in Amsterdam as member of the Spatial Quality Committee. Here too, he contributes to the meticulous combining of tradition and new design.

In short, ML_A has its own distinctive way in relating to the city, context and building tradition – one that always strives for focussed and high-quality productions. You see this attitude in the finished works, and you will continue to see it play out in all future efforts.